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#329984 - I never saw Mike again until Sunday morning when I went to get the dog, once again his car was on the drive and the alarm was off, the house was in darkness, I got the dog and we went for our walk, just as I left his house the rain came on pretty heavy so we went to the park the dog done his business after about 10 minutes, I picked it up binned it and we headed back to Mikes both me and the dog soaked, When we got back to the house Mike was in the kitchen this time he had on a house coat and was making coffee, I took the dogs towel and was drying him off, Mike asked what I took in my coffee, I said I was ok and he offered me a Coke instead, I accepted that, Mike seeing that I was soaked through, Told me to go get a shower and he would dry off my clothes, I told him I was ok that I would dry soon and was fine, but he insisted, I would have been glad of a warm shower but no way could I do that in Mikes house as soon as I took off my leaking trainers his house would have filled with the

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