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#140949 - (Authors note) from me to you your welcome Hermaphrodite: male or female with both sex organs Shemale: a female or male with the appearance of the other sex(guy looks like girl. Which sent Cece over the edge and let out a long orgasmic moan which any one could have heard including Rocky, and she did and Cece stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. SHAKE IT UP (intro) It was a hazy day in Chicago 6:15 in the afternoon Rocky and Cece two dancers both fifteen around Cece five foot five with a to b cup breast’s white skin, red hair, and the more rebellious of the two, and Rocky just a little bit taller and with b cup breast’s with dark skin, and brown hair.

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Te amo allison
One of your best ever thank you for sharing the quality of the film is outstanding