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#315839 - I love to watch you move, and when I watch you sunbathe, well, I always get like this, waving one hand at my now fully erect cock. Down her flat stomach and to her swelling hips, her shape a traditional and perfectly proportioned hour glass, to the dark curls at the junction of her thighs, and on to the wide space between her trim, well-muscled, long legs, my eyes took in all the sights, savoring the various elements as well as the aesthetic whole. I know that, but I wanted you, and you apparently wanted me, and it felt right, so don't go making any rules we might not want to keep, okay? I reasoned.

Read Ass Fetish [Derauea] Tonari no Succubus-chan Ch. 1-4 [Chinese] [therethere個人翻譯&嵌字] [Digital] Two Tonari no Succubus4

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