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#341910 - Pulling back you slap my face hard there’s the sound of skin on skin and my cheek begins to go bright red as blood starts to fill my mouth I look up at you with a look of triumph, “you will have to be taught a lesson , you dirty little slut ” you say in a rough voice your cock sore from my bite you walk away coming back with a kit on needles you lie them down on my stomach so I can see them my eyes opening in fear as I look at the different gages, my breath comes fast as I whimper watching you take out the smallest needle trying to pull away from you desperately pinch my nipple you hear me scream out at the cold metal slips easily threw my skin like its butter quickly you put a small ring in it pulling on it to make me feel even more pain every time I let out a little yelp . I whimper in fear closing my eyes you quickly pierce it threw my flesh. Thank you Master J for all you have done for girl and all the time and training you have done on my I know truly girl will always be cha

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Eru chitanda
This makes me soooo hot
She took it well so i think she s good lol