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#209703 - Ginger was keen to try, so we swapped, I eased into her pussy, as she too, enjoyed the first of many orgasm with our toy, then I told Trevor to fuck her pussy, with his cock firmly inside her hole I eased forward, inch by inch the dildo made its way up her anal channel, Trevor and Mike both trying not to cum, as Ginger began to scream with her orgasms. Trevor squirmed but soon began to work the dildo, this told me he had got used to the size, and it was time to fuck him hard, orgasm after orgasm rang out, as he really took to the dildo, then after some 5 minutes or so, he fell forward exhausted, panting and trying to gain his breath as I eased my toy out of his big brown eye. After he had let me fuck him for ages, he turned me over, my legs over his shoulders and fucked away in my butt, asking what else they had done, when I told him I had made them piss over me , that was it, his balls unloaded deep inside me, as he slowed I also told him Ginger had joined in too, both ways, he

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The best thing about this hentai is how she instinctively plays with her puss y and rides the orgasm all the way when she cums rather than ruin it