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#155465 - She feels her attacker pull her body into his and then, with incredible strength, he slams her into the ground and her vision wavers. “ If I drink this will I turn into Dr Jekyl? “ Jen holds her tube up to the light with a laugh, “ Werent we always told never to drink chemicals?“ Downing the drink she coos happily, “Oooo theyre nice, we need more!“ Laughing as she watches Jen move through the crowd towards the bar, Rebecca shakes her head and turns back to Amy and Em. Attempting calm she says reasonably, “ Lets get to the cafe first and see how things go huh?“ Moving to step away from him, she is surprised when with a growl he grabs her arm pulling her back against him with a slurred snarl, “ Fuck that bitch! Your gonna taksh my cock“ His fist moves fast and connects hard with her temple.

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