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#105411 - i said thanks babe and harvey smiled back at me and got back into bed with me i said harvey suck my dick harvey went down to my boxer shorts and i said not really and started laughting harvey came back up to eye level he laid back down and turned away from me i said babe harvey answered me in a sharp term and said what!!! dont be angry at me i was joking i said harvey said to me your not fucking funny i said o whatever harvey harvey said to me if your gonna be like that fuck off home so i got out of bed and got dresses i didnt look at harvey but i could tell he was watching me i went towards the door and harvey jumped in front of it and said babe dont go grabbing my hands i said well if your going to be in a pissey mood all day i am going home harvey lead me back to the bed and started kissing me (this is only a one sided kiss) he tired to push me so i was laid on my back but i broke are kiss and stood up i said to him how fucking cheap do you think i am i slamm

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Did she keep her job wtf
Etsuko toyohara
Alguien sabe quienes son las chicas que salen bailando al final es para un trabajo de la universidad por favor