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#160232 - I could hear more people surrounding us. Sometimes we'd put up a tent in the backyard and as soon as we got it up and organized he'd start with the sex talk or did I show you these pictures and there we'd be, drooling over women with their legs spread, women eating other women, women sucking guys, and he'd talk about what was happening, what it must feel like to push it in, or blow your wad in their mouth, I was in awe. Did you know we sucked each other once? Shit, you're kidding, you guys actually did that? I just nodded, like it happened all the time, no big deal.

Read Hot Women Fucking (伪C89)【纳米核心R18同人本】赫○雅之淫堕(23P)(NanoCore)(中文) Vietnam (伪C89)【纳米核心R18同人本】赫○雅之淫堕(23P)(NanoCore)(中文)

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