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#21320 - As i was about to leavre Joy walks down stairs and say good morning Nathan, is Helen still unwell, I reply yeah, she still sleeping, Im going to head off have a great day I then say Joy Beanbag, Her eyes then kinda go vacant and i ask Are you pregnant, and in a bland monotone voice she reply no. He then tells Jodie Lick the cum from joys tits, then you both better get ready for school and work Jodie Replys, sure, and she goes over to joy and licks, sucks, cleans her titties of the watery Fluid I follow Jodie into her room and say Jodie beanbag she enters the relaxed trance meditative state as before, Me: you will not notice the George's cum is watery and contains very little sperm until he tells you that he is infertile. And seeing her like that i was getting hard again, so i dropped my pants got myself naked, quietly closed her door, then crawled onto her bed and started whispering into her ear, I said, Joy can you hear me, she whisperd back, yes, Me :Are you awak

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