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#347176 - NOW !!!!!!! John just run upstairs and within 30 second came back with the vaseline in his hand and handed it to his dad who just took a big doloop of it and smeared his cock with it that will help miss was all he said before he push his cock in my cunt in one violent move . We only started miss said the dad and I'm getting fed up of all your screaming now boys tie her up and make her shut up !!!! both boys took me off the table like if I didn'd weight anything and put me on all four in the corner of the kitchen tying my wrist to a metal ring attached to the wall one of them then force a ball in mouth and tie a piece of fabric over my mouth I could hardly breath and only had partial view of the kitchen I could hear my daughters crying and then the farmer voice take those clothes off now !!!!! I could hear the sound of the girls getting undress well boys look at what we got here thats 2 fine example of young whores in the making Are you virgin ? Yes !!! I hear

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Officer jenny
Love the spreading
Angol moa
I like how ryan gives his ladies two creampies
Suzume sakurajosui
Never knew how much i needed this until i got it