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#8221 - As he continued to take mental notes of things she did that either disgusted him or that he thought was just wrong. She watched John take out one of the syringes and with practiced precision, fill it with the liquid from inside one of the tiny bottles. John then took a stick of dynamite and several long pieces of leftover wood ‘Suni, eat her out, make sure her clitoris is exposed fully’ John demanded and Suni nodded, parting Lorraine’s legs she allowed her tongue to probe Lorraine’s cunt, Lorraine shrieked in pleasure and her clitoris became exposed very quickly ‘sensei, its out’ ‘good, then we must act quickly, keep massaging her vagina while I work’ John said, Suni nodded and, with a single finger, kept Lorraine stimulated enough to keep her clit fully exposed.

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