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#299210 - And then,after she had looked at the shocked Nicole and slowly licked her lips with such sinister glee,the mysterious female had walked over to Nicole--who was helplessly chained to the wall of the sex dungeon,placed her hand on Nicole's cheek and softly asked,You enjoy watching it,don't you?You also want me to do it to you,don't you? The only thing I want you to do for me is go straight to fucking Hell,you skanky bitch!,hissed an angry Nicole,just before the mysterious female had wrapped a black leather strap around her throat,gave the ends a really good pull and yelled,YOU WILL NOT TALK BACK TO YOUR MISTRESS,BITCH!YOU WILL OBEY MISTRESS MORGANA'S ORDERS AND LIKE IT!GOT THAT,BITCH?! And after she had looked at Morgana's face and slowly nodded her head,her newfound mistress had let out a sinister smile,placed one of her hands on Nicole's nude body and her lips close to Nicole's ear and whispered,That's good,my little pet. Excuse

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