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#370329 - With her knees spread wide, the erotic rear view of Bree’s hairless pussy clamped around that large knot and her swollen engorged flared pussy lips that reached only slightly along the sides of that massive cock was indescribable! Bree began to moan softly, “Oh, Oh OH she said, It, it's IN!!! I can feel him growing inside me, his cock is pushing into me even DEEPER!!! Duke began driving into her with long measured strokes. Bree just gritted her teeth and hung on so to speak as Duke began to hump into her fast and with ferocity, his heavy balls pounding against Bree’s pussy and clit with a loud resounding slapping noises and sounds of loud squishing fuck noises echoed in the room. Within a few seconds I got into the rhythm, and it started to feel interesting.

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