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#138916 - My night of pleasure with Gemma Kelly and her Rottweilers I was teaching Kickboxing at the time there was one of my students who kept giving me eye making it very clear what she wanted we was flirting outrageously people begin to notice but It didn't bother us. Looking behind and giving me that devilish look in her eye she noticed my dick is getting hard she came up to me and whispered in my ear do you want to hand with the problem you have in your pants I turnround and says it's not your hand I want! We was texting each other and arranged to go outside . The sheets was wet I asked her how many times bob had fucked her today she said just the 3 times (lucky bastard) so far ! Gemma told me to get undressed (I didn't need asking twice) I got on the bed bob jumped off and went to clean himself Gemma started to kiss me and rubbing my cock then she jumped on top of me pushing her wet cunt down on to my cock she started to slide up and down on me I had her perk t

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Miu takanashi
Those women are obviously not from new zealand they are eastern european they speak english in nz
That ass tho