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#341701 - Mary knew that her time was short on this line of death that soon her own pretty throat would meat the sharp side of the lovely worker's blade spilling her own blood to mix with that of the blood already covering the worker's and the floor, before she knew it her time had come the last meat-girl in front of her had kept her date with the sharp blade, the line moved once more and Mary found her self staring into the eye's of the girl holding the knife that would soon take her life Mary closed her eye's in acceptance as she felt the blade touch the skin of her neck. Cow #234 tried to protest but was ignored and in second's she was moooooing in pain as the ring was forced into her clit's tiny hole.

Read Teentube Oba-san dakedo, Daite Hoshii. Pissing Oba-san dakedo, Daite Hoshii.

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