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#2621 - Mom just tired as hell and want to go to sleep!!! Well finally having Rambo back in the backyard I go back into the house to say i'm leaving when I meet Mom in the living room and the bedroom door now closed and she looks at me and says: This had better not even be what I think it is!!! I then said: Oh hell no not even close to that!!! yeah right!!! She then said : i'll talk to you later I was just worried about her and came over here to check on her!! Well I left as Mom had gotten into her own car and was still giving me this strange you son of a bitch it better not be that look and drove away!!! Oh shiiittttt!! So I get to my car at last and get home and guess what happens? Yeah you got it!!! Mom calls my house!! I don't know if I ever convinced her in anyway shape or form that what I was doing there was getting the damn dog outside or not? But one things for damn certain. She and her boyfrien

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