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#287643 - “Fuck you feel good,” he moans as I scream out his name begging him to make me come but instead he slides his cock out and spins me round forcing me to my knees, “Suck my cock” he tells me “I want you too at me and keep your hands behind your back” Kicking my legs wider my juices start to drip on the floor as I take him in my mouth, his hands tangle in my hair pulling me further forward and forcing me to take him deep all the way to the back of my throat, I make a swallowing action letting him feel my mouth contract around him which makes him throw his head back as I feel him start to shoot several loads of cum straight into my belly. I'm screaming as I wiggle my arse begging for his cock and telling him I want him so bad. As I moan he says you and your dirty little mouth will get what's coming to you slapping me again, but this time harder, he tells me to count each one as he slaps one cheek then the other.

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