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#527 - it was another day in our boring school and as we sat though english which is the most hated lesson ever there was a knock at the door and our head teacher was standing out side the door As every body noticed that the head teacher was standing at the door every body turned and faced gill who was the baddest child ever in this school expecting him to be sent out of class as he usaly did on a regular basis But today was different today the head teacher walked in and took center stage in our english room the head teacher said today children i an delhited to say that you will be joined by a new student his name is luke and he is from iceland and if has chosen to john our school as she finished luke walked in trying not to make eye contact with anybody he got told to sit next to me and usaly THAT WOULD BE hell because they will follow you every where because they are new but strangly i didnt mind especialy that i had broken up with my boy friend just a month ago As the learn fin

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