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#384662 - ive only just woke up lol when me and harvey woke up yesterday morning harvey got out of bed and i watched him walk out are room in just his boxer shorts i got out of bed and shoved harvey into the wall and ripped off his boxers then lowered my self to his dick i put it in my mouth and started sucking and sucking it when harvey cummed i drank his load and stood back up harvey looked at me and said well thats a nice way to be greeted in the morning i winked and harvey and walked past with my little im the best smile when i walked into the kitchen i put the kettle on and shouted baby do you want some coffee harvey walked into the kitchen and hugged me from behind (being completely naked and me in boxer shorts) and started kissing my neck i leaned my head the other way so harvey could get to my neck fully harvey still kissing my neck i poured us both some coffee i waited until harvey stopped kissing my neck and handed him a cup of coffee we both drank are coffee at the table an

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