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#249922 - i cant face her right now harvey looked at me and said babe i know u have your veiws but she is your best friend you have known her since you was like 3 i started crying and harvey put his arm around me ii said what do i do harvey i wanna be there for her but i cant agree with her desision to kill her unborn baby harvey said im sorry babe but i really dont know i got up and started to walk away harvey said babe where are you going i said i need to be alone walking around campus i seen brit and she said hey hey where have you been leon avoiding you brit said im scared leon i know you are girl im going to have the baby and then give it away brit are you sure you wanna do that this is going to be your flesh and blood im sure i cant kill my baby but i cant look after it eather so its the only thing i can do i smiled at her and said i knew you had more sence that what you let on brit pulled out her carton of cig and i took then off her and said no more of th

Read Mmd Desire King 欲求王Ch.55~70 - Original Condom Desire King 欲求王Ch.55~70

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Rei kagura
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