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#158250 - I got up from the table asking the others if they would like to join me in a Scotch to take to the spa, Peter suggested that we should use the new plastic glasses that they had bought as after an accident by a friend during a recent party whereby they had drain and clean the broken glass out of the spa Sally had gone in search of some up market ones to avoid a repeat. We arose late in the morning, helped our hosts tidy up, said our good bye’s and headed home for a proper rest. ” I will remember to explain that to Jan” (I replied) Peter turned the overhead TV on and we settled back in the spa to watch the girls in action, they were locked in a sixty nine lying across the bed and there was a few toys on the side board and a couple of vibrators at their feet, we saw Sally pick up what looked like a six or seven inch vibrator and insert it in Jan’s pussy, Jan lifted her head enough for us to see her eyes roll around before she replaced her head at Sally’s pussy and resume her tonguing.

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