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#210319 - I felt funny inside as I stood up and he came close, taking a hanky out of his pocket, dipping it in some water and told me he had better make sure I was nice and clean, mesmerized I stood frozen as he wiped me and parted my crack to do the inside. His fussy wife gave me biscuits and a large glass of milk and when she had left us we started to put fresh sweet smelling hay in the cages but than I had to ask him to use the toilet after my milk. He let me put my bra and dress back on and sat me on his knee again and was serious as he told me I should never tell anybody what we did or I would get into trouble, he needn’t have said it as I was petrified that someone would guess, stupidly not stopping him as he pulled my dress up and put his finger into my crack again.

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Celine jules
So true very sexy shapes
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Who is she