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#10055 - Three on a bike looks quite normal here, and of course it was dark, so I wasn’t noticed as a foreigner until we had to stop at traffic lights; Linh, at that point, at least sat up straight, and we continued on the roads to the hotel; Tinh stopped to let me off, near the hotel, said she would park around the back and ‘would I like to have a farewell drink with them in my room before I flew out tomorrow’? What could I say other than ‘sure, come on up’. ” She smiled as I thanked her, before Tinh linked her arm with mine and gently, but forcefully, led me out. I rolled us both to the side, still within, but able to cross my arms across her chest and hold both breasts, kissing her neck and shoulder closest to my mouth, whispering nothing but whispering in her ear, and perhaps it meant something to her as she placed her arms across mine and squeezed us even closer.

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