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#373546 - Five hours later her mother and sisters came home, they were full of things that they had done and seen, Lucy acted like she was interested, but her thoughts were on her dad, up stairs, her mother went up to wash and get changed, Lucy waited for the shouting to start but nothing came, she then hared the shower running and seconds later her mother came down stairs, “Lucy, your dad needs some clean towels” Lucy got some from the laundry and headed up to the bathroom, she knocked on the door and called out asking where he wanted them, “Bring them in for me” slowly opening the door Lucy pushed her hand holding the towels, “I can’t reach, bring them in” stepping inside Her dad had stepped out of the shower, his erection was back, Want to help me with this again”? “What about mom, What will she say if she knows” “Don’t fret about your mother, I told her we made love this afternoon and I know about her and John, so now it’s out in the open, if you want to continue having sex with me” he co

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