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#390830 - “ohh David what have we done” my mom said breaking the kiss “I just made you pregnant “ “I know but what are we going to tell jenny” “I don’t know, we have 9 months to come up with a cover story” “Yeah we will tell her something” The room fell in silence. Since (Mary) saw your dick (fuck) I wanted it” “Never seen (jesus) finer dick (ahh) then yours” “Nothing has entered (ohhh ohhh) my pussy since (ouch ahhhh) your dad died” “I had always (ohhh) wanted to fuck (offffff) you son” “I had always (shit) dreamed to fuck (Jesus Christ) you and jenny” “You want to fuck us both” “(Shit) yeah and have (offff) children with (ahhhhh) you” This startled mom, she went speechless for few seconds “(ahhh) stop David (shit) stop now” I stopped humping her but kept my dick inside her “I want to ask you something David. I caressed her big juicy breasts through her blouse.

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