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#163725 - He kept asking what was wrong and she kept saying no, please don’t kill me, I’m not cold. He tried to find the words to stop her but its like his lips couldn’t speak, he began to moan loudly by the feeling of her soft tongue rubbing against his head an amazing feeling he couldn’t explain, he could almost feel the pressure building up in his penis, she took it all 6 inches in her mouth, he closed his eyes and arched his back as a reaction to the warm tender feeling of his cock in the mouth of this… girl? After about 30 seconds of this he felt it coming, he shouted out I’m cumming! But she didn’t stop, she kept on going faster and faster until he felt his cock pulsing and erupted blowing rope after rope of hot seeds down her throat and she swallowed it all. After what seemed like a 5 hour long drive they finally reached the outhouse, which was like a 2 miles away from any other houses, it was still unpainted but looked cozy enough so they unpacked the car and went in.

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Grunhilde serenity
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Mommm you changed it to the wrong channel againnnnn