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#393516 - Her mother did not come or two moredays and I told my friends that my mother would be home for two days, with that and nobody at home I fucked Kusum many times , the last fuck I had with her I mad her call me Bhaiya as she came and I called her Didi as I came into her she still comes at home sometimes with her mother and always calls me bhaiya. One day it was in the month of February the maid servant did not come, instead she sent her daughter Kusum, she must have been 17 or so a year or two elder to me, she was quite fair, but very thin and had a pimply face, she was almost as tall as me, she was wearing a ghagra and a choli and had put a chunni over it, when she came in she took off her chunni and started working since I was alone at home and she was knew I also helped her in her work and I went to the market and asked what she liked in sweets at first she was shy but then she told me Rabdi, so I got Rabdi for her and we ate food I asked her to sit withme at the table and eat, he

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Hanji zoe
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Enji todoroki
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