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#24660 - Teri found out that Vicki had never married, and had basically lived the life of the idle rich, a trust fund baby by way of her father's oil company. Where are you staying, asked Vicki, while taking a sip of her cafe' mocha? At the Crown Plaza, replied Teri, over by Times Square. Now, observed Vicki, while feeling Teri's open slit, it seems that you have a problem in your vagina, and I was wondering if there was any way I could fix it for you? Please Vicki, Teri pleaded, don't make me beg you, just do it!!! I'm surprised at you, rebuked Vicki, you know that I always make you beg for it, do you think a little passage of time will change that fact!?! No, Teri panted, I'm sorry, please, take care of it for me, I promise I'll be a good little girl!!! In the old days, Vicki might have teased Teri for up to half an hour, but now after all these years, her own cunt was on fire with anticipation, so she led Teri to the over stuffed sofa

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