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#336060 - for early orientation! We were given a tour of the campus and more or less shown the ropes! I got to visit the dorm I'll be staying at, and as luck would have it, new room mate just happened to be there taking a look around just like me!!! We hit it off right away and I'm really looking forward to having her as a roomie!!! After deciding to take the rest of the tour together, we poked our heads into the large shower room and were a little surprised to see a guy and girl taking a shower together!!! She was really built, with big boobs and a nice butt, and he was too, all muscle and a big hardon!!! Then, just as casually as you please, he walked over to her and she took her hand and began doing his pecker!!! Sally and I, that's my new room mate, just stood there with our mouths hanging open as the big titted bitch jerked him off!!! Then, he leaned down and nursed on her big tits as she masturbated herself to orgasm!!! We finally slipped back out into the hall and wiped the

Read Tugjob [Azumi Kyohei] Ito Koi -Jin Ookami Hen- | 致可爱的你 Ch. 1-2 [Chinese] [拾荒者汉化组] [Digital] Transexual Ito Koi| 致可爱的你 Ch. 1-2

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