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#304329 - Unsure if it’s a good idea Alice slowly slips out of her baggy top and trousers, standing in nothing but her bra and panties she selects the larger of the 2 dresses and pulls it on, ‘what do you think?’ she asks him, turning the man frowns, ‘it’s ok but doesn’t do your figure justice’, intrigued she asks what he means, stepping up to her the man, without thinking, runs his hands over her ample curves and down to her bottom, Alice jumps at his touch and he stops. ‘Aren’t you worried someone might come in the shop?’ she asks him ‘No, I’ve locked the door’ he tells her as he turns into an aisle. Without thinking Alice follows him through some doors and into a large stock room, turning he looks shocked, ‘sorry I didn’t mean in here’ he comments, as she turns to leave embarrassed at her stupidity.

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