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#119016 - I for myself found myself dismissed from Ralph Rogerstone's employ or rather that of his father a crony of Fordingbridge and my fortunes were only saved by turning for a time to work as a Chandlers book keeper at Wells upon Sea, a post requiring a sharp mind and a laxity of recording that which the revenue wished to have recorded, and for that a man with no references was the ideal chap. You speak honestly I think, the superior one said, Though crudely, and me thinks you mistook the ordinary pleasure of love for the creation of a child, but can you support a wife, and indeed a brood of lusty children? I work as a book keeper, I explained, And Amelia is educated she could assist and we could be a firm of book keepers in time. And afterwards the women of the party came, first the stupid curious young women like Maisy Perks, You did a pis on her Franky? she queried, and when the aforesaid Frank agreed she climbed over Amelia, rucked up her skirts and pis-ed on Am

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