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#128671 - “Is it something you want?” she looked at me with a mad expression, I smiled “Only for the thing I just squeezed to be on my dick, bouncing” I gave her a blink with my left eye, I could see her shock, but also lust in her eyes, as she blushed and said: “Well, this key works for every room in the school, and I’ve got it until tomorrow, wanna go somewhere after school?” she gave me a cute little smirk, even her smirks are perfect… “Sure!” I answered, I was probably the happiest guy in the world, I mean, first Emma, and now this? With my raised self-esteem after working out, I was in an ecstasy! Both smiling I ran off with a simple “See ya later!” she only smiled that perfect smile of hers, and I ran outside, hoping one of the girl gangs were there, and the Sporties were. ” She squealed and bathed my face in a spray of sweet, tangy cum. “Hello Class”… Let hell unleash (About 45 minutes later) Finally he had quit speaking, and the bell had been ringing, now it was the longest pause, th

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