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#71338 - I found her clit: she jumped! I circled and rubbed, hard and soft, tweezed it in 2 fingers, pulled it out and softly released. She was re-invigorated, it seemed, and facing me she commenced to grind up and down and around on me; this position also put her tits straight in front of my face – who could resist? Not me, as I cradled one in my hand, tweaked the nipple, and then buried my face into its fold, my tongue lapping that nipple before my mouth engulfed it and its surrounds. She removed her hand from my bottom, stood up, flushed the toilet, closed the lid, then sat me on the toilet seat, turned herself away from me and, with my cock still held by her right hand, held it pointing straight up as she lowered herself on IT! Now, I am not a huge cock person, truly I have never measured myself, but in Asia I am aware that I am pretty much bigger than normal.

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Yuuko kanoe
One of our favs can watch her in anything
Cure lemonade
Yessss i tried this 2 on a boat amazing