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#168104 - This only went on for a few minutes but seemed like a life time, eventually she asked how long I was going to be with the paper, so I knew I had to try and make an exit strategy without making my hard on too obvious. She also said that as wonderful as it was it would never happen again and never to utter a word about it to any one, despite what she had said to Tina. This time instead of kissing her I moved my head down and firmly clamped my mouth around her left boob and proceeded to kiss, suck, lick her nipple etc, she grabbed the back of my hand with her left hand firmly pulling my head harder on to her boob, as I increased my thrust rate, she started to make grunting noises and telling me to go, harder, faster harder etc.

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Touka fushimi
Beautifully done
Shino asada
Awesome tell us how much you love to taste and feel that fresh warm semen going down your throat and into your female stomach tell how much you need and crave sperm
Ning hai
Muh me do