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#24348 - Introductions: this is the story of Gustavo and Jose, 2 eleven year old boys living in a despot convent nursing home and the story of their escaping; it is set in a small town in Mexico, no state given as it is fiction, let us start with the description of the boys: Gustavo Tavo was abandoned when baby in a basket in front of the convent, kind of clich?ut it happened, the mom was kind enough to leave the birth act, when the police went to confront her she was already dead, her boyfriend beat her till she was dead and he grew up in the nursery, he now was a thin brown skinned, dark haired boy, good in sports, especially running (could say it was essential in that place). They put their backpacks as pillows and drifted to that the realm of dreams, but something happened they were startled by a sound in the next room a couple of boys were there they did not notice the couple of boys that were on the run, the actions of the new pair became soon easy to predict. --“shit what time is

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