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#252350 - Pauline made a fuzz of him, and he sniffed around, before she knew it, he had his nose in her pussy, licking the guys cum from her hole, Pauline let out a scream and jumped, Jerry moved back a bit , but went straight back into her snatch. I told her I had this in mind when I said to bring Jerry home, Pauline just smiled, kissed me and said thank you, I knew she was more than happy now with her sexuality, and new found kinkiness. The guys took turns fucking us again, filling us with more cum, they all seemed to be hornier than ever today, after watching Jerry fuck us both, it was evening before they all left I spent some relaxing time with Pauline, then got the toys out and began to fuck her once more, with her using the poppers, I got the two big toys in her arse and one in her pussy, causing her to orgasm constantly.

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