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#279609 - She shivers under his touch, her breath quickens but she stays asleep, every so often when his trace comes close to somewhere sensitive a wee moan escapes from her lips, or a sigh, he knows that she is loving his touch subconsciously and is adoring how her body is reacting to it. That alone is enough to set him off, holding her hips tight he pushes himself into her as hard as he can, enjoying the sensation she is giving him, and he cums, giving her all his seed, pumping it deep into her, she feels the heat within and smiles slyly at him, he moves from between her legs and lies down beside her, unties her hands and kisses her softly.

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Sugata shindou
I am a submissive sex slave i am looking for a dominant master that will own me and take care of me i just finished my training with my mistress and she has also acquired some new slaves and she releasing me to whoever who found interest in me so if you are interested in me
Megumi oumi
So viele umz ge und so wenig keerle die einem in den rachen schie en wollen