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#370127 - The obese man connected wires inside the body of the defenseless woman to the body of his wife, the wire made their way inside the fallopian tubes of the woman and started collecting more ovules and transferred them to the body of the obese man´s wife No one would ever know of these people who were abducted because the asylum was just a facade, a private organization rents the place to sick people so they can do whatever they want as long as the pay them a good sum of money. The wire started to grow inside Han’s urethra and inserted small needles inside his prostate and started absorbing his prostatic fluid into the obese men’s prostate which was connected to Han’s prostate too and more wires were also inserted inside Han’s body to absorb fluid from Han’s seminal vesicles and Cowper gland. NIGHT “What the heck did you happen and why does my ass feel so cold?” - responded Han, he had a blurry vision he could barely see and was pretty exhausted Han started to move his hands

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Yukimura sanada
Kasey miller
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