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#62380 - ‘Well,’ said the blonde curly-haired teacher, ‘if you do break her in, let us know – Coach and I would like to have some more Asian pussy at our disposal, they’re always so good once they’ve learned that their place is to take orders – in fact, just to take it, anyhow we want to give it to them! Yep, you teach her her place, and we’ll make sure she stays in it!’ Alexis smiled – this was getting better and better! She almost skipped out of the staff cloakroom, aided on her way by a fond but firm smack on her ass (possibly her best feature) from her teacher-lover. Even so, the delicate abrasion of the Asian schoolgirl’s vaginal walls as the rod was slid out of her was enough to send a small surge of rippling secondary orgasms vibrating through her exhausted frame.

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Yall better not burn this one out n get it deleted again this scene is too exclusive
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Miyamura miyako
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