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#32320 - As I got more relaxed I opened up more, I told him about some of my more tame fetishes, I asked if he had any and he said he loved to suck a guys cock just after he took a piss, I couldn't believe it, I loved watersports, I would get into the shower and piss all over myself and rub it into my skin and lick it off my fingers while I jerked off. Me- Yeah, I am Him- I don't believe this, It's Tom from across the street! My jaw dropped! I had left an ad in a national newspaper's personals section looking for a guy and I somehow manage to get a reply from a guy across the street!!! All of a sudden I was a different kind of nervous, I knew Tom wouldn't out me, we got on well and would chat from time to time, he was cool. After he left I went back inside and sat down, I couldn't believe what had happened, I just sucked a guy off, more to the point I had just sucked off my neighbor who I had fantasied about for years, I could still taste his cum w

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Chris redfield
Omg nice job more pls
Damn i want to fuck her so bad