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#285640 - . Dixon's further instructions!!! My, my, you are a pretty girl, Mona Dixon commented softly, could you please tell us your breast size, they look almost perfect!!! Squriming nervously, Quincy stared down at her large chest and whispered, They're 34C's ma'am!!! Do you enjoy having them sucked, she went on!?! Well, uh, of course I do, Quincy replied quickly, who doesn't!?! Well, you've got me there, Mona replied softly, now answer me this, do you like sucking breasts as well as you like getting yours sucked!?! Now they were finally getting down to brass tacks, and with measured tones Quincy replied, Well I've never really sucked anyones breasts, but you never know, I might like it!!! As the whole class sat and watched, Mona Dixon opened up the front of her blouse, unhooked the front clasp of her low cut bra, and with a little shake of her shoulders allowed her massive breasts to spill freely in front of her!!! Mz.

Read Amador Ryoukan! Kono Danshi Ryou wa Yaba Sugiru! Rimming Ryoukan! Kono Danshi Ryou wa Yaba Sugiru!

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Gosh you are something special coy
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Wow beautiful i love pink it was very good