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#332612 - When he eventually broke down and told me what had happened I was furious, but my fury turned to horror when Adam revealed that the Mistress wanted to meet me and that if I did not agree she would publish the photographs and send copies to our parents. Once he was fully inside me he started pounding me hard and fast. I repeated her words and then had to say “Master I want your thick hard cock to fuck my ass and take my cherry” and when I repeated her words he granted my request.

Read Best Blowjobs 【周四连载】亲家四姐妹(作者:愛摸) 第1~28话 Village 【周四连载】亲家四姐妹(作者:愛摸) 第1~28话

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Morrigan aensland
What a fucking legend
Reiji akaba
So yummy
Sare jay is the hoter of the 2